[Part of a weekly therapy session.]
Martin Blank: So what do we do now? Do we talk about dreams, or what's next? What's the score here?
Dr. Oatman: You want to talk about dreams, we can talk about dreams. It's your nickel.
Martin: I had another one about Debi.
Dr. Oatman: That girl you're obsessed with?
Martin: Don't you think "obsessed" is a strong word?
Dr. Oatman: Ah, recurring dreams of pain and loss for ten years featuring the same person? Yeah, maybe it's... a bit obsessive.
Martin: I had one where I was that television mechanical rabbit. You know, with the, the... [mimes clashing cymbals]
Dr. Oatman: The battery bunny.
Martin: Yeah, I was the bunny.
Dr. Oatman: That sounds like a very, very depressed dream.
Martin: Really?
Dr. Oatman: Yes.
Martin: Why?
Dr. Oatman: Martin, it's a terrible dream! It's a depressing dream to dream about that rabbit. It's got no brain, it's got no blood, it's got no anima! It just keeps banging on those meaningless cymbals, and going and going!
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