Kelly quotes

[When some high school girls like the idea that Kelly has weed]

Kelly: Hey, you know who's got the killer bud?
[hits Klitz]
Kelly: This ****er right here.
[Kelly gives Klitz a Ziplock bag filled with Marijuana and suddenly the girls are interested in him]
Kelly: You wanna be president? Lemme tell you the first rule of politics; Always know if the juice is worth the squeeze. You know what that means? It means you don't steal my girl unless you're ready to accept the consequences.

[Upon observing the cheerleaders and football players] Man, there is some talent here. You get those girls together with those assbags right there and shoot 'em humping at, like, a football game or at a prom, that video would sell - ****, I'm good! How do I get these ideas? It's like a gift, you know? It's like I can't control it.

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