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C.O. Salem

Jordan: You were given the Navy Cross right? May I ask what you got it for?
Urgayle: Since it bears on this conversation, I got it for pulling a 250-pound man out of a burning tank.
Jordan: So stopping to save a man makes you a hero, but if a man stops to help a woman, he's gone soft?
Urgayle: Could you have pulled that man clear? Lieutenant, you couldn't even haul your own body weight out of the water today.

[on why she started Lt. O'Neil on the SEAL program in the first place] Truthfully, I never expected you to do so damn well! I figured you'd ring out in two weeks, bing bang it's over, and we're popular. In Washington, you don't even need the Ten Commandments when you're popular!

Urgayle: Is there anything *else* we can do for your celebrity career, Lieutenant?
Jordan: That will be all...

Cortez: You know O'Neil, I like you better when you drink.
Jordan: You know Cortez, I like you better when I drink.

How am I supposed to fit in with these guys when you've got me setup as an outsider? You've given me a different set of rules. The answer is, I can't. I mean really, why didn't you just issue me a pink petticoat to wear around the base?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Mr. Hayes. If a cannibal used a knife and fork, would you call that progress too?

Sergeant Cortes, however brief your stint with this command might be, there are two words you will learn to put together: Team-Mate.

Lieutenant, seek life elsewhere.

I'll never live this one down.