Urgayle quotes

[quoting "Self-Pity" by D.H. Lawrence] I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.

60% of you will not pass this course! How do I know? Because that is an historical fact! Now for the bad news, I always like to get one quitter on the first day, and until I do, that first day does not end!

Sergeant Cortes, however brief your stint with this command might be, there are two words you will learn to put together: Team-Mate.

Lieutenant, seek life elsewhere.

Remember, there are no bad crews, only bad leaders.

The ebb and flow of the Atlantic tides, the drift of the continents, the very position of the sun along its ecliptic. THESE are just a FEW of the things I control in my world! Is that clear?

I'll never live this one down.

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