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Chili Palmer
Harry Zimm
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That's half a movie, with holes in it. Maybe forty minutes of screen time. You don't even have a girl, a female lead, and on top of that, there's no one to sympathize with, you don't have a good guy.

A blockbuster. But quality. No mutants or maniacs. This one's gonna be my "Driving Miss Daisy".

Every day, same time, they come down here and have breakfast. He has the egg white omelette; she has the banana pancakes. He sits facing west so he can see his billboard. She faces east so she has an excuse to wear the shades.

Anyway, Murray has this shrink, who also happens to be Martin's personal trainer's shrink. Murray gives the shrink the script and the shrink gives it to Martin's trainer who reads it to Martin while they work out, and Martin flips. Loves it.

What she did not say was, 'I just loved the way the director moved the camera so much it made me ****in' seasick.' All she cared about was that look. All she remembered was that look. And why do we remember things in movies? Because we can see them. So... keep this ****in' camera down here on the ground and shoot this scene, so we can see what the **** is goin' on, before I get someone over sixteen to ****in' shoot it for you!

Man's in town two days, thinks he's David O. ****ing Selznick.

When I came upstairs, you stayed to finish your drink. I told you to turn off the TV when you were through. Come to think of it, I also told you you could sleep in the maid's room.

I spent all day crawling out of a grave. The costumer kept bitching 'cause I was ripping my nylons...

I know I'm better than what I've been doing the last ten years, walking around in a tank top and ****-me pumps, waiting till it's time to scream.

Yeah, well Martin is known for his flipping. He flips over a script, and when the time comes to make a deal, he flips out.

Movie stars never pick up the check. They have no idea what things cost. Most of them don't know their zip code and a lot don't even know their own phone number.

Ray "Bones" Barboni: Chili Palmer. Chilly outside. Chili inside. It's a regular ****in' chili-fest. Hey, waiter, give Mr Chili Pepper a big ****in' bowl of chili!

Ray "Bones" Barboni: Yeah well, I hope you drive better than you ****ing spell, jack-off. My name is Barboni, not Barbone, okay!

Martin: I'm glad you rejected me ten years ago when I auditioned for Eddie Solomon, the pedophile clown in Birthday Boy. Had I gotten the part. I might've gotten typecast.

Chili: So what're you tellin' me, you're never gonna go to sleep again?
Tommy: No, I said I'm never goin' to bed. There's a difference. See, the article says most people die in their beds. I figure long as I stay outta bed, I'm safe.