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You're the Vulgarian, you ****! Now apologise.

We did NOT lose Vietnam it was a tie.

I love looking at your ass when you walk is that beautiful or what?Don't go near him, HE'S MINE!!!

Come on Wanda. Gullet time.

The British contribution to world cuisine, the chip. What do the English eat WITH chips to make them more interesting? WAIT A MOMENT, it's FISH isn't it?

(singing in the middle of sex) VOLARE!!!!

Hello K-K-K-Ken's P-P-P-Pet's. Hey wake up, WAKE UP LIMEY FISH!!!

Oh you English are SO superior aren't you. Well would like to know where you'd be without US the good old USofA to protect you? The smallest ****ing province in eastern Europe thats where, so DON'T call me stupid lady just THANK me. If it wern't for us you'd all be speaking German, singing Deustchland Deutstchland uber alles.

To be honest I hate them with their stupid phoney accents. Not you Ken you have a beautiful speaking voice, when it works.

(to Ken at various times) Hello Honey!

You spineless Bimbo.

Excuse me sir. Airport security can I see your passport please, and boarding card... Oh look the Queen. (Man turns to look Otto knocks him out)

To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people. I've known sheep that could outwit you. I've worn dresses with higher IQs!

Even if you were my brother, I'd still want to **** you.