Brenda:OK Elise, the time has come, spill. Those lips, what's in 'em. Are they wax?
Elise:Excuse me?
Brenda:What else did you have done? Come on Elise you can tell me. The cheek one, the jaw line. Did you have a little bit, or the full enchilada!
Elise:I work out every day. I watch my diet. I have not had plastic surgery.
Annie:Well good for you, you look terrific.
Brenda:Oh come on. Elise your lying through your caps.
Elise:Ok. All right, I have been freshened up a little.
Annie:(Puts down wine glass) Oh god, does it hurt.
Elise:(drinking) Mmmm, no.
Brenda:What do they do with the stuff they take off? Do you get to keep it?
Elise:Oh come on Brenda, it's the nineties for god's sake. (Picks up cigarette and lights it) I mean it's like... Plastic surgery is like good grooming, it's like brushing your teeth.
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