[Marlin and Dory see a whale]
Dory: Excuse me! Whoo-hoo! Little fella? Hello! [to Marlin] Don't be rude, say hi.
Marlin: Heh, hello.
Dory: His son Bingo...
Marlin: Nemo.
Dory: ...Nemo was taken to...
Marlin: Sydney.
Dory: ...Sydney, yeah. And it's really, really important that we get there as fast as we can, so can you help us out? C'mon, little fella. C'mon! [claps her fins playfully]
Marlin: Dory, I'm a little fella. I don't think that's a little fella.
[the whale makes a sound]
Dory: Oh, a big fella. Big... A whale... okay, Maybe he only speaks whale. [imitating the sound a whale makes] MwOOooo! WwwwEEEE... nEEeeeedd tOOooo FINNND hiIIiiss SONNNNN...
Marlin: Dory? What are you doing?
Dory: CaaaAAAaaN yoooOOOOu... mMm...
Marlin: Are you sure you speak whale?
Dory: ...giIIIVe uuuus dirRECtiooons?
Marlin: Heaven knows what you're saying!
[The whale swims off.]
Marlin: See? He's going away.
Dory: CoooOOOOOOme bAAAAAAAack!
Marlin: He's not coming back. You offended him!
Dory: Maybe a different dialect.
[She makes random whale sounds.]
Marlin: Dory, this is not whale. You're speaking, like, upset stomach.
Dory: Maybe I should try Humpback.
Marlin: No, don't try Humpback!
[Dory makes a new set of "whale" sounds.]
Marlin: Okay, you actually sound sick!
Dory: Maybe louder, huh? RAH! RAH!
Marlin: Don't do that!
Dory: Too much Orca. Didn't that sound a little Orca-ish?
Marlin: It dosen't sound like Orca! It sounds like nothing I've ever heard! [sighs] Oh, just as well. He might be hungry.
Dory: Relax. Whales don't eat clownfish. They eat krill.
[A school of terrified krill swims past as the whale looms into view behind them.]
Krill: Swim away!
Dory: Oh, look! Krill!
Marlin: Move, Dory, MOVE!!!
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