Doris: (turns around and sees the Gang) Aah! Don't you guys make noise when you enter a room.
Fat Albert: Well, I never thought about that. We-we just enter. (shrugs shoulders)
Doris: Okay, here are your drinks. (places sodas on table, each takes can)
Rudy: Do you have a can opener?
Doris: The can opener's on the can.
(Albert pops top)
Gang: Ooh...
(Rudy pops top)
Gang: Aah...
(Each member begins to pop top rhythmically. They begin humming the Fat Albert Theme.)
Gang: (singing) Na, na ,na. Gonna have a good time (Fat Albert: Hey, hey hey!). Na, na, na. Gonna have a good time.
Doris: Stop! Stop! Hello? What are you doing?
Bill: Singin'.
Doris: I know you're singing, but aren't you gonna drink?
Fat Albert: Not unless somebody writes that we're thirsty.
Doris: Okay, forget the drinks.

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