Lou: [voice from cop scanner] His wife. This guy says she was kidnapped last Wednesday.
Marge: The day of our homicides.
Lou: Yah.
Marge: And this guy is who?
Lou: Lundegaard's father-in-law's accountant.
Marge: Gustafson's accountant.
Lou: Yah.
Marge: But we still haven't found Gustafson.
Lou: [crackle] Looking--
Marge: Sorry, didn't copy that Lou.
Lou: Still missing. We're looking.
Marge: Copy. And Lundegaard too.
Lou: Yah. Where are ya, Margie?
Marge: Oh, I'm almost back. I'm driving around Moose Lake.
Lou: Oh. Gary's loudmouth.
Marge: Yah, the loudmouth. So the whole state has it, huh. Lundegaard and Gustafson?
Lou: Yah, it's over the wire, it's everywhere, they'll find 'em.
Marge: Copy.
Lou: We've got a--
Marge: There's the car! There's the car!
Lou: Whose car?
Marge: My car! My car! Tan Ciera! Tan Ciera!
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