Carl: [about his face] You should see the other guy. [He sees Jean slumped to the floor, dead] The **** happened to her?
Grimsrud: She started shrieking, ya know.
Carl: Jesus. Oh. Well, I got the money. All of it. All eighty grand. Forty for you, forty for me. That's it, then. Here are the keys to my truck. I'm takin' the Sierra.
Grimsrud: We split that.
Carl: How the **** do ya split a ****in' car, ya dummy? With a ****in' chainsaw?
Grimsrud: One of us pays the other for half.
Carl: Hold on. No ****in' way. You ****in' notice this?! I got ****in' shot. I got ****in' shot in the face! I went and got the ****in' money! I got shot ****in' pickin' it up! I've been up for thirty-six ****in' hours! I'm takin' that ****in' car! That ****er's mine, ya ****in' asshole. Ya know, I've been listenin' to your ****in' bullshit all week. Are we square?! Are we square? Yeah, ya ****in' mute. And if you see your friend Shep Proudfoot, tell him I'm gonna nail his ****in' ass!
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