Marge: Mr. Lundegaard?
Jerry: Huh? Yeah?
Marge: I wonder if I could take just a minute of your time here--
Jerry: What--What is it all about?
Marge: Huh? Do you mind if I sit down? I'm carrying quite a load here. You're the owner here, Mr. Lundegaard?
Jerry: Naw, I--Executive Sales Manager.
Marge: Well, you can help me. My name's Marge Gunderson--
Jerry: My father-in-law, he's the owner.
Marge: Okay. Well, I'm a police officer from up Brainerd investigating some malfeasance and I was just wondering if you've had any new vehicles stolen off the lot in the past couple of weeks? Specifically a tan Cutlass Ciera?
[Jerry looks at her]'
Marge: Mr. Lundegaard?
Jerry: Brainerd?
Marge: Yeah. Yeah. Home a Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.
Jerry: Babe the Blue Ox. [laughs]
Marge: Yeah, ya know we've got the big statue there. So you haven't had any vehicles go missing, then?
Jerry: Nope. No, ma'am.
Marge: Okey-dokey, thanks a bunch. I'll let you get back to your paperwork, then.
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