Wade: Damn it! I wanna be a part of this thing!
Jerry: No, Wade! They were real clear! They said they'd call tomorrow with instructions and it's gonna be delivered by me alone!
Wade: It's my money, I'll deliver it--what do they care?
Stan Grossman: Wade's got a point there. I'll handle the call if you want, Jerry.
Jerry: No, no. See--they, no, see, they only deal with me. Ya feel this, this nervousness on the phone there, they're very-- these guys are dangerous.
Wade: All the more reason! I don't want you--with all due respect, Jerry, I don't want you mucking this up.
Jerry: The heck ya mean?
Wade: They want my money, they can deal with me. Otherwise I'm goin' to a professional. There's a million dollars here!
Jerry: No, see--
Wade: Look, Jerry, you're not sellin' me a damn car! It's my show here. That's that.
Stan Grossman: It's the way we prefer to handle it, Jerry.
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