Jerry: Wade, have ya had a chance to think about, uh, that deal I was talkin' about, those forty acres there on Wayzata?
Wade: You told me about it.
Jerry: Yeah, you said you'd have a think about it. I understand it's a lot of money--
Wade: A heck of a lot. What'd you say you were gonna put there?
Jerry: A lot. It's a limited--
Wade: I know it's a lot.
Jerry: I mean a parking lot.
Wade: Yeah, well, seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars is a lot.
Jerry : Yeah, well, it's a chunk, but--
Wade: I used to own a lot myself way back in the late '50's. It's a lotta money.
Jerry: Yeah, well--
Wade: I thought you were gonna show it to Stan Grossman. He passes on this stuff before it gets kicked up to me.
Jerry: Well, you know Stan'll say no dice. That's why you pay him. I'm askin' you here, Wade. This could work out real good for me and Jean and Scotty.
Wade: Jean and Scotty'll never have to worry.
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