Fantastic Four

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Ben Grimm
Johnny Storm
Reed Richards
Sue Storm
Victor Von Doom

Ah! And for the record, they love me!

Oh no.

(To The Thing): Where are your ears?

Come on..! Come on! FLAME ON!

You miss me?

Whoa. Ladies. I need names and shots. Bartender!


Reed. Let it go. It was a freak of nature. There was nothing you could of have possibly done.

Do I have to do everything myself? (referring to getting Reed and Sue back together)

Now, I'm gotta go kill him. (after Johnny calls him "The Thing" on tv)

Johnny! (after Johnny makes him put shave cream on his face)

Yeah! A face that's about to be broken!

It's not him. It's THEM!

Did you just? (after is hit in the face with a ball of flame)

That's it Tinkerbell! You want to fly? Then fly!