Reporter: So what can you tell us about the outfit?
Johnny : (on tv) Not too much, but I will say that it's all weather and no leather. Kind of Armani meets Astronaut.
(Ben, Sue, and Reed stare at the wall-sized TV, mouths agape.)
Sue : He didn't.
Ben: Oh, he did. Flame boy, never listens.
Sue: What did he do to his uniform?!
(Reed looks down at his own uniform, to Johnny's uniform on the TV, which has the same insignia, and surrepticiously tries to cover his insignia with his jacket)
Reporter: So what are your superhero names?
Johnny: I go by the Human Torch. The ladies call me Torch.
Reporter: What about the rest of the team?
Johnny: Uh, we call my sister the Invisible Girl.
Sue: 'Girl'..?
Reporter: That's easy to remember. And Reed Richards? He's the leader. So what's he? Mr. Fantastic?
Johnny: Well, I wouldn't say he's the leader.
Reporter: And can he really stretch any part of his anatomy?
(Cheers from the female members of the public behind them)
Johnny: Well, I wouldn't know about that... I've always found him to be decidedly... limp.
(Another cheer from the people behind them)
Ben: Could be worse.
Reporter: What about this one? What do you call this thing?
Johnny: That's just it. The Thing. If you think that's bad you should have seen him before.
Ben: Okay. Now I'm gonna go kill him.
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