Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead 2 quotes

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Annie Knowby
Ash Williams

No, you idiot! They'll kill us all. She's dead by now. Don't you understand? With these pages, at least we have a chance. (to Jake, who is desperate to find Bobby Joe)

You did it, kid. By God you- (to Annie, but interrupted when the door flies off into the portal)

You'll get us all killed! (after Jake keeps shouting Bobby Joe's names)

We'll all go in together. (realizing the source of the noise is coming from a room)

Swallow this. (before killing Henrietta)

I...I'm fine...I'm fine. (consoling himself after he finally kills Linda)

Probably nothing. But just possibly...the doorway to another world.

I made a mistake...wait, wait!! No, I made a mistake! (after accidentally shooting Bobby Joe with a shotgun)

Then let's head down into that cellar, and carve ourselves a witch. (about Henrietta)

Yes!! Your lover is mine, and now she burns in Hell!!! (before Ash cuts her head in half)

Here's your new home. (to his disembodied hand before putting a bucket on it)

See what's on it. (about the tape recorder)

I found the pages of the Book of the Dead.

Join Us! (to Annie while possessed)

Please, Ash. Please, don't hurt me. You swore...you swore that we would always be together. I love you. (trying to trick Ash by pretended to not be possessed.)