Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead 2 quotes

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Annie Knowby
Ash Williams

Damn it! I said I was alright!! Are you listening to me?! Do you here what I'm saying?! I'm alright!! I'm alright. (to Annie while she is attacking him with an axe)

Then let's head down into that cellar, and carve ourselves a witch. (about Henrietta)


Those pages are down there somewhere.

Let's go. (challenging Henrietta)

Swallow this. (before killing Henrietta)

Don't look, Annie! Finish the passages! Get rid of it!!

You did it, kid. By God you- (to Annie, but interrupted when the door flies off into the portal)

For God's Sake! How do you stop it?! (to himself while being sucked into the vortex)

I love it, Ash. (about the necklace he gives her)

See what's on it. (about the tape recorder)

Dance with me! (to Ash, possessed)

Hello, lover. (before she bites into Ash's hand)

Even now, we have your darling Linda's soul! She suffers in torment! (taunting Ash about his girlfriend)

Please, Ash. Please, don't hurt me. You swore...you swore that we would always be together. I love you. (trying to trick Ash by pretended to not be possessed.)