Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead 2 quotes

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Annie Knowby
Ash Williams

Let's go. (challenging Henrietta)

Me and ol' double barrel here will blow your butts to kingdom come!! See if we don't! (after the cabin floods itself with blood)

My God! Where are my parents?!

No, you idiot! They'll kill us all. She's dead by now. Don't you understand? With these pages, at least we have a chance. (to Jake, who is desperate to find Bobby Joe)

Nobody goes out that door! Not until daylight!! (after Bobby Joe turns histerical)

Please, Ash. Please, don't hurt me. You swore...you swore that we would always be together. I love you. (trying to trick Ash by pretended to not be possessed.)

Probably nothing. But just possibly...the doorway to another world.

See what's on it. (about the tape recorder)

So, what do you think, kid? (About the necklace he gives Linda)

Swallow this. (before killing Henrietta)

Then let's head down into that cellar, and carve ourselves a witch. (about Henrietta)

There's something out there. That...that witch in the cellar is only part of it. It lives...out in those woods...in the dark. Something...something that's come back...from the dead. (about the evil)

Those pages are down there somewhere.

Uh-huh, that's right. Who's laughing now? Who's laughing now?! (right before he cuts off his hand)

We'll all go in together. (realizing the source of the noise is coming from a room)