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Borat look-alike: Jagshemash! My name a Borat. You did it! You made moviefilm have happy ending. [the water wheel runs over the orphans] Not!

[referring to a painting of Tom Hanks with his crazy hair in The Da Vinci Code] 'So lame the hair of Tom'... Lame... that's a seven letter word!

Holy shit, a talking beaver!

I'm sorry, was the fight over? I didn't know.

[as the White Bitch pulls up in her turbo sled] Whoa, Stifler's mom! [unrated version] Whoa, MILF!

[in his old age] Chuck Norris rules.

Damn that plot of Superman Returns!

Willy: Who wants to play with Willy?

Willy: Who wants to chew my gumballs?

Willy: You're... mine now.

Peter: I want flabby grandma arms!

Peter: Monobrow! Monobrow! King wants a monobrow!

Peter: [as Superman] You shot me in the ****ing eye! That really hurts! Why would you do that? That was so unnecessary! You bastard!

Kanye West look-alike: [while Lucy is viewing the camera from Mr. Tumnus] The White Bitch doesn't care about black people.

Samuel L. Jackson look-alike: Sit, bitch, I'm always yellin'! I'm Samuel mother****ing Jackson!