Duplex quotes

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Alex Rose
Mrs. Connelly
Nancy Kendricks

Off we go, Dicky Boy.

It's horrible. My parents read this magazine. Now they know my penis is called Mr. Peabody!

I'm coming. Slowly but surely!

[Muffled sound of Mrs. Connelly's very loud TV] I saw myself in the mirror and I thought it was my mother's tush.

She puts on this sweet voice. "Nancy, could ya help meh, eh? I think I've found the leavings of a mouse!" Boo, hoo, hoo! As if she didn't know it was a raisin!

A bit of music and a bit of a dance!

[Reading a dictionary entry] 'Macaw: any long tailed, brightly-colored parrot.' A macaw is a parrot, I knew it!

She just manipulated me somehow. She's very crafty. She's a crafty old... lady.

We forgot to christen the apartment.

What was she doing?

We'll finally be happy!