Duplex quotes

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Alex Rose
Mrs. Connelly
Nancy Kendricks

I could have sworn we had more stuff.

She puts on this sweet voice. "Nancy, could ya help meh, eh? I think I've found the leavings of a mouse!" Boo, hoo, hoo! As if she didn't know it was a raisin!

[Muffled sound of Mrs. Connelly's very loud TV] I saw myself in the mirror and I thought it was my mother's tush.

Off we go, Dicky Boy.

I'm coming. Slowly but surely!

A bit of music and a bit of a dance!

[Reading a dictionary entry] 'Macaw: any long tailed, brightly-colored parrot.' A macaw is a parrot, I knew it!

She just manipulated me somehow. She's very crafty. She's a crafty old... lady.

We forgot to christen the apartment.

What was she doing?

We'll finally be happy!