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Dracula: Dead and Loving It

Dracula: Dead and Loving It quotes

27 total quotes

Count Dracula
Multiple Characters

Dr. Seward: Would an enema help?

Nurse: [Upon seeing the unconscious medical students on the floor] Well done, doctor! Ten out of ten!

Lucy Westenra: I know you've always wanted me, and I've always wanted you. Finally we can be together.
Jonathan Harker: But Lucy, I'm engaged to Mina... and you're dead.
Lucy Westenra: I'm not dead. I'm undead.
Jonathan Harker: Yes, well, I'm not unengaged.
Jonathan Harker: Please, Lucy! I'm British!
[Lucy opens her cleavage a little]
Lucy Westenra: So are these.

[after rising from his coffin and hitting his head on a chandelier] I must move the coffin. [pause] Or the chandelier.

[a bat poops on the stairs] Children of the night... what a mess they make!

[waking up from a bad dream] Oh, it's night-time. I was having... a daymare.

[his last line] Renfield, you asshole!

[in a dream, at a picnic] I'm drinking wine, and I'm eating chicken!

[upon seeing two voluptuous vampire women - one rubbing a table seductively, the other rubbing the bedpost seductively] My God! What are you doing to the furniture?

Yesss... MASSSTER!

[as the vampire women are seducing Renfield] No, this is wrong. This is wrong! This is wrong, you hear me? Wrong! This is ... Wrong me! Wrong me! Wrong my brains out!

I didn't see anything! I didn't see anything [guard locks door] I saw everything! [cackles]

Jonathan Harker: [watching Mina's reflection in a mirror as she's dancing with Dracula, where it looks like she's dancing alone] She's doing quite well without him, isn't she?

Lover at Picnic: Would you care for some wine?
Dracula: I never drink... wine... oh, what the hell. Let me try it.

Dr. Seward: Allow me to introduce Professor Abraham Van Helsing. He's a doctor of rare diseases as well as a man of theology and philosophy.
Van Helsing: And gynecology.
Dr. Seward: Oh, I didn't know you have your hand in that, too.