[Dracula is outside Mina's room]
Dracula: [to the maid] Essie... Essie... Your eyelids are growing heavy. You will sleep... sleep.
[Essie nods off to sleep]
Dracula: Mina... Mina, open your eyes!
[She does]
Dracula: Arise, Mina.
[She does]
Dracula: Walk to the door.
[Mina opens a door, and goes inside]
Dracula: Mina... you are in the closet. Open the door, and come out.
[She does]
Dracula: Now walk to the terrace door. Watch out for the foot...
[Mina trips over the footstool]
Dracula: ...Stool. Stand up.
[Essie and Mina both rise]
Dracula: Not you. Sit!
[Mina sits]
Dracula: No, not you, you sit.
[Essie sits]
Dracula: You stand.
[Both stand]
Dracula: No! Sit!
[Both sit]
Dracula: No, you stand!
[Both stand]
Dracula: You walk to the terrace door, and you go back to sleep! Watch out!
[Essie and Mina bump into one another and fall to the floor. Dracula throws his arms up in frustration]
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