[Dracula is hypnotizing a valet at the theatre where Doctor Seward is enjoying an opera]
Dracula: You will tell Doctor Seward there is a message for him in the lobby... and you will remember nothing of what I tell you.
[The valet nods her head, opens the curtain to Seward's chambers, and stands there with her mouth open for a few moments, then closes the curtain]
Valet: [noticing Dracula standing there] Hello, can I help you sir?
Dracula: [mimicking her] Can I help you sir? [normally] What is the matter with you, why did you not tell him?
Valet: About what?
Dracula: About the message!
Valet: For whom?
Dracula: Never mind! I will tell him myself. And for your miserable performance, you will receive no tip!
Valet: No tip?
Dracula: Ah! That, you remember!
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