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Rich with meaning or a sublime prank, Dogville gets to you. Jeannette Catsoulis in The Las Vegas Mercury

Sarcastic humor, inventive staging and a brutal story combine to give Dogville the force of a bonfire, incendiary and beautiful. Chris Hewitt in St. Paul Pioneer Press

Singular and unforgettable — the work of a brilliant crackpot. Joe Baltake in The Sacramento Bee

Slow-moving but engrossing, it feels shorter, and any reservations you may have about the unorthodox approach are washed away by its unexpected and purgative ending. Eric Harrison in The Houston Chronicle

Some things you have to do yourself. Grace

Tell her you will stop if she can hold back her tears. I owe her that. I'm afraid she cries a little too easily. Grace

That's why you wanted to get rid of me...because you can't stand that I remind you of what it was you came here to find. Grace

The daring, artistic brilliance of Dogville far outshines any negative interpretation we may have of the work. It's to be praised for inspiring varying interpretations and generating debate. Jack Garner in The Rochester Democrat And Chronicle

These are wicked times, Tom Edison. Soon there'll be folks by with even less than us. Chuck

This examination of selfishness, xenophobia and the human ability to rationalize acts of horror may have audience members squirming not with outrage but recognition. John Beifuss in Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

Tom: Bingo Grace! Bingo! I have to tell you, your illustration beat the hell out of mine. It's frightening, yes, but so clear. Do you think that I can allow myself to use it as an inspiration in my writing?
Grace: Goodbye, Tom.

Tom: From a business perspective, from a business perspective, your presence in Dogville has become more costly. Because it's more dangerous for them to have you here — not that they don't want you — since they feel there should be some counterbalance, some quid pro quo.
Grace: That sounds like words that the gangsters would use...
Tom: There is also more of an incentive if you don't wanna stay. See, with all those wanted posters hanging around the place, I can hardly think of anywhere else you could hide.

Tom: I do love you, Grace.
Grace: I'm glad you love me. I love you, too. I really do.

Tom: The people of this town they surprise me again and again. I might even have to revise my theories a little bit. You know how much I hate doing that kind of thing. You know, Grace, last night when I came back and I saw you lying there asleep so sweetly, I was suddenly inspired. I wrote the first chapter of a story. A story about a small town. Guess where I got the inspiration? But I haven't come up with a name for the town yet.
Grace: Why not just call it Dogville?
Tom: Wouldn't work. No, it wouldn't work. It's got to be universal. Lot of writers make that mistake, you see. Hey, do you want me to read it to you? If there is any love in it, it comes from you...

Unapologetically cynical, miraculously imaginative, and sumptuously beautiful, Dogville is a thought-provoking time at the movies. Dustin Putman at