Chapter SIX quotes

In which Dogville bares its teeth
I have been mean to the others too, even baby Achilles. And he's so tiny he can't put up a fight. It's not right... I got it coming to me, I know. I deserve a spanking. Jason

I don't care how much fun you think it would be. I'm not gonna spank you, Jason. Grace

Maybe I should go stand in the corner and be ashamed? Jason

Just as Dogville had done from its open, frail shelf on the mountainside, quite unprotected from any capricious storms, Grace, too, had laid herself open. And there she dangled from her frail stalk like the apple in the Garden of Eden. An apple so swollen that the juices almost ran. And once again the police had come to Dogville.

God only knows what that woman's capable of. Chuck

It wasn't me who wanted you here. You were far to beautiful and frail for this place. You tricked me into feeling that I meant something to you. It's your own damn fault I need your respect, Grace. Chuck

Please. Stop it. Please. Please don't. Please look at me. Look at me, talk to me. We're friends. You are my family, stop it. Grace

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