Bethany: Oh,my God, he's lost it! We're ****ed, we're absolutely ****ed!
Jay (grinning): I hear that shit.
Bethany: I can't believe this shit. We're on the brink of nonexistence and God's still nowhere to be found. What the **** kind of deity gets kidnapped?
Jay: Amen to that. (he pulls off his pants)
Bethany: What the hell are you doing?!
Jay: We got about five minutes left to live, the whole world's gonna end, you said you'd **** me.
Bethany: You're a pig.
Jay: Oh, what? Nobody's gonna beat that thing! Now we can lay here all comatose like that John Doe Jersey bastard over there, or we can get makin' with the love.
Bethany: What did you say?
Jay: "Make with the love". It's a nice way of saying "boning".
Bethany: No, about John Doe Jersey!
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