Cardinal Glick: Now, let me tell you a little bit of history about this particular hundred-years-young house of God.
Bartleby (emerging from crowd): God's house? God doesn't live here anymore! He's grown weary of your superficial faith. He's turned a deaf ear to your lip-service prayers. He has abandoned you, His favorites, to the whim of judgment. Hypocrites, charlatans, prepare to taste God's wrath!
Loki: Maybe we should just leave.
Bartleby: You wanted your body count, you got it. This crowd is rife with sin. We'll judge them all.
Cardinal Glick: Officer McGhee?
Officer McGhee: All right, mouthpiece, let's leave the nice Cardinal alone and go for a ride.
Bartleby: Mister McGhee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
Officer McGhee: Is that so?
(Bartleby snaps McGhee's neck with one hand; the crowd screams and starts to scatter.)
Bartleby: Ladies and gentlemen, you have been judged guilty of violations against our Almighty God. And this very day, I assure you, you will pay for your trespasses, in blood! (to Loki) Wings. Now.
Loki: I'm feeling a little exposed, here.
Bartleby: Do it!
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