Cardinal Glick: So, I assume you're looking to help out in some way.
Bethany: We'd like you to cancel the ceremony.
Cardinal Glick: ...I beg your pardon?
Bethany: There's gonna be a world of trouble if tomorrow's ceremony goes forward as planned.
Cardinal Glick: (pause) Are you... pro-choice?
Bethany: No, no. The trouble's not from us. It's from these two renegade angels who've been stuck on earth since the plagues — (Rufus nudges her) Um, these guys, they think they're renegade angels.
Rufus: See, Padre, it goes down like this. These guys think that by passing through that archway, they can go straight to Heaven.
Cardinal Glick: You want me to call off the ceremony for that? Who sent you?
Rufus: We were sent by Him who is called "I am"!
Cardinal Glick: Cute. Really cute. Listen, kids, play-time with the cardinal is over.
Rufus: Worked for Moses.
Bethany: [to Rufus] Stay out of this.
Cardinal Glick: Let's go.
Bethany: Your Eminence, this isn't a joke
Rufus: I'm telling you, man, this ceremony is a big mistake.
Cardinal Glick: The Catholic Church does not make mistakes.
Rufus: Please. What about the Church's silent consent to the slave trade?
Bethany: And its platform of non-involvement during the Holocaust?
Cardinal Glick: ...All right, mistakes were made, but you can't hold Holy Mother Church responsible for the mistakes of old! Now I'm a very important man with very important business to attend to, so if you please!
Bethany: But tomorrow--
Cardinal Glick: Tomorrow goes off without a hitch! Do I make myself clear? Neither you, nor any other influence short of the hand of God Himself, is gonna keep this thing from going off without a hitch!
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