Rufus: What are you doing stripping?
Serendipity: Well, you remember why I left, right?
Rufus: You were tired of doing all the work and getting none of the credit for your ideas.
Serendipity: So, I opted to quit being a muse. I gave my two weeks' notice, got a body, fifty bucks, and got sent out into the world to seek my fortune.
Bethany: So what happened?
Serendipity: ... Writer's block. Can you believe it? Me, a muse, for God's sake. I can inspire anyone I meet and give out a zillion and nine ideas a second, but I can't keep any for myself. Her quirky sense of humor.
Bethany: Whose?
Serendipity: God's.
Bethany: You're saying God's a woman?
Serendipity: Was there ever a doubt in your mind?
Bethany: He's always referred to as "He".
Serendipity: Well, that's not the way I wrote it. But one of the drawbacks to being intangible is that you have no say in the editorial process. The people that held the pens added their own perspective, and all the pen-holders were men. So "She" became a "He".
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