[Bethany, Jay and Silent Bob inspect the body that fell in front of them.]
Bethany: No heartbeat.
Jay: You think someone threw him out of a plane with a message written on him like in Con Air? (to Bethany) You ever see that flick?
[The body starts to move, and the others back away from it.]
Rufus: Oh, did that suck! Con Air, con shit!
Jay: Kill it, kill it!
Rufus: Sounds familiar.
Bethany: Jesus! Are you okay?
Rufus: It's Rufus, and yeah, I'm fine.
Jay: It's the ****ing un-dead! Cut its head off!
Rufus: Hey! What I did just gave me a ****ing migraine! So if you don't pipe down, I'm gonna yank ya' sack off like a paper towel!
Bethany: Speaking of which, you're awfully nude. Rufus, was it?
Rufus: Yes, Rufus it is. Usually "Long" Rufus, but it's kinda cold out here, you understand. (to Silent Bob) Hey, Biggie, how 'bout lending me your coat 'til I find my own threads?
Jay: Dude, he fell outta thin air. [Silent Bob complies with Rufus request and removes his jacket.] Dude, his piece will be rubbin' the inside of your armor! Dude!
Rufus: Hey, thanks. I'll do my best to tuck it back.
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