[Bethany's car has broken down on the side of the road after Jay drove too fast in first gear.]
Jay: (to Silent Bob) Dude, she ****ing pissed! She's never gonna **** us now! Well, maybe you, but definitely not me. You know how she is.
Bethany: Nobody is ****ing me! You got that?! I don't know what I was thinking in that diner, but seeing as I've decided to go home and not to New Jersey, sorry about the convenience and goodbye.
[Bethany begins to walk off.]
Jay: You breakin' up with us? [Bethany continues walking off.] Who the hell do you think you are, lady?! [Jay and Silent Bob walk after her.] You can't go around breaking people's hearts like that! I fell in love with you! WE fell in love with you! Guys like us just don't fall out of the ****ing sky, you know! [Just then, a man falls right in between Jay, Bob and Bethany.] (to the sky) Beautiful, naked, big-tittied women just don't just fall out of the sky, you know!
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