Metatron: I am to charge you with a holy crusade.
Bethany: For the record, I work in an abortion clinic.
Metatron: Noah was a drunk, and look what he accomplished- and no one's asking you to build an ark. All you've got to do is go to New Jersey, and visit a small church on a very important day.
Bethany: New Jersey?
Metatron: Mmm-hmm. (drinks a shot of tequila and spits it out into an empty glass)
Bethany: That doesn't sound like much of a crusade.
Metatron: Aside from the fine print, that's it.
Bethany: What's the fine print?
Metatron: (quickly and quietly into his next shot) Stop a couple of angels from entering and thus negating all existence. (takes the shot)
Bethany: Whoa, wait, what?
Metatron: (more clearly) Stop a couple of angels from entering and thus - Negating - All - Existence; I hate it when people need it spelled out for them.

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