Loki: Now, wait, so all I gotta do, I walk through the arch thing and then I can go back home?
Bartleby: No. By walking through the archway, all your sins are forgiven. Then all we have to do is die.
Loki: Die?! I don't wanna die!
Bartleby: What, you'd rather hang around here for a few more eons?
Loki: No... we don't even know if we can die. All right, but what if we can and then, and then the arch thing doesn't work? What then, Hell? **** that.
Bartleby: It's impossible--
Loki: **** that!
Bartleby: If we cut off our wings and trans-substantiate to complete human form, we become mortal. If we die with clean souls, there's no way they can keep us out. We won't be angels anymore, but at least we can go back home.
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