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Dirty Harry

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Chico Gonzalez
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Scorpio Killer

Mayor: (on phone) The jet must be fueled and ready to go in a half an hour. Skeleton crew, they must be volunteers. Tell them the man is dangerous. Well, here, I'll read you this note which was delivered at 8 O'clock this morning: "To the City of San Francisco. You have double-crossed me for the last time. I'm warning you to have my $200,000 and a jet airplane ready and waiting. I will call Mayor's office at 1 O'clock and tell you about the hostages who I will be happy to kill if you don't do exactly what I say, Scorpio" (pauses) Well, you better have somebody standing by - it could be a false alarm but don't count on it.

Scorpio: It's very simple. I've got the kids and you start screwing around, the kids start dying. Is the plane ready?
Mayor: The jet is being fueled and ready to go at the airport. The money will be there by the time you get there.
Scorpio: All right, now listen and listen very carefully. I'm going to be driving along nice and easy, just me and a busload of kids. I'm going to turn off on the Sir Francis Drake Blvd. on my way to the Santa Rosa Airport. I don't want to see any police cars, helicopters, whatever. Now if you got the guts to play this game by the rules, the kids will have a nice little plane ride.
Mayor: Well, where are you going?
Scorpio: I'll tell the pilot when I get on the plane. No alerts, nothin'.
Mayor: I guarantee you you will not be molested in any way. I give you my word of honor on it.

Chief: Callahan? - you willing to take the money to him?
Callahan: When are you people gonna stop messing around with this guy. He's gotta be stopped now.
Mayor: He's got a busload of kids and I can't take that chance. I gave my word of honor on it, and he will not be molested - and that's a direct order, Callahan!
Callahan: Well, you can just get yourself another delivery boy.

Scorpio: [singing] Row, row, row your boat/gently down the stream/merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily...
Bus Kid: Where are we going?
Scorpio: What? What did you say?
Bus Kid: Where are we going?
Scorpio: We're going to the ice-cream factory and see how ice-cream's made. Now anybody who doesn't wanna go can get off right here.
Bus Kid: I wanna go home to my mommy.
Scorpio: [slaps the kid] Stupid kid! Come on sing everyone! Sing or I'll go home and kill all your mommies, sing, sing!