Scorpio: It's very simple. I've got the kids and you start screwing around, the kids start dying. Is the plane ready?
Mayor: The jet is being fueled and ready to go at the airport. The money will be there by the time you get there.
Scorpio: All right, now listen and listen very carefully. I'm going to be driving along nice and easy, just me and a busload of kids. I'm going to turn off on the Sir Francis Drake Blvd. on my way to the Santa Rosa Airport. I don't want to see any police cars, helicopters, whatever. Now if you got the guts to play this game by the rules, the kids will have a nice little plane ride.
Mayor: Well, where are you going?
Scorpio: I'll tell the pilot when I get on the plane. No alerts, nothin'.
Mayor: I guarantee you you will not be molested in any way. I give you my word of honor on it.
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