Desperate Living

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Grizelda Brown
Peggy Gravel
Queen Carlotta

[the phone rings] Hello? What number are you calling? You've dialed the wrong number! SORRY? What good is that? How can you ever repay the 30 seconds you have STOLEN FROM MY LIFE! I hate you, your husband, your children and your relatives!

[the children are playing doctor in the nude] Sodomites! Caught right in a sex orgy! You dirty filthy...! Is that what you learned in private school?! Nude, nude, nude! You could be pregnant, Beth! And as for you, I never thought you would rape your own SISTER! Oh God, the children are having SEX!

Am I living in hell?! Is that it?! Have I gone straight to hell?!

You know I hate nature! Look at those disgusting trees, stealing my oxygen!

You're just like the rest of the common dykes in this town!

Good God almighty.

[comes into the room wielding a broom] Back off, asshole!

[while sitting on Mr. Gravel's face] Down, down, down, down, down, down, down! Down, down, down, down, down!

Take them to our ugly expert, and give them a complete overhaul!

Oh, that love muscle! Whip it out and show it hard! Oh come on daddy, **** me! Oh grow little inchworm!

That little MF!

Hey morons, you got your clothes on backwards!

I hope you didn't leave no pecker tracks on my gown!

Tell me, is it possible to get me a hydrogen bomb?

Seize her and **** her!