TV Reporter: Gotham PD has shut down the bridges and tunnels across the area.
Barman: Sweet Jesus. [to Detective Wuertz, who is sitting on the barstool] Shouldn't you be out there? You know, doin' somethin'?
Detective Wuertz: It's my day off.
Barman: I gotta take a leak. Keep an eye out for me, will ya? [leaves]
[Pause ... someone enters the room]
Detective Wuertz: Now what? Need someone to shake it for you?
Two-Face: Hello.
Detective Wuertz: [shocked] Dent. Jesus, I-I thought you was dead...
Two-Face: Half.
[He drinks Wuertz's shot of whiskey, with some of it flowing out the side of his face]
Two-Face: Who picked up Rachel, Wuertz?
Detective Wuertz: It must've been Maroni's men.
Two-Face: Shut up! Are you telling me that you're gonna protect the other traitor in Gordon's unit?
Detective Wuertz: I don't know, he never told me! Listen, Dent, I-I swear to God, I didn't know what they were gonna do to you.
Two-Face: Hm, that's funny...[spins his coin on the table]...because I don't know what's gonna happen to you either. [it lands on "tails"]
[Two-Face shoots him]
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