[At an intersection, a man driving a truck attempts to kill Coleman Reese by crashing into the police van containing him and Commissioner Gordon. Seeing this about to occur, Bruce Wayne speeds up in his Lamborghini to protect the van and manages to intervene in between the two vehicles; the truck hits his Lamborghini instead]
Gordon: That's Mr. Wayne's, huh? [inspecting the slightly injured Wayne] That's a very brave thing you did.
Bruce Wayne: [feigning ignorance] Trying to catch the light?
Gordon: Wha–you weren't protecting the van?
Bruce Wayne: Why? Who's in it?
[At this moment, Coleman Reese is being led away from the accident scene. Bruce gives him a knowing look. Realizing that the man who he had tried to sell out just saved his life, Reese hangs his head in shame and walks away]
Bruce Wayne: [to Gordon] Hey, do you think I should go to the hospital?
Gordon: You don't watch a whole lot of news, do you, Mr. Wayne?
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