Gordon: Harvey, I'm sorry about Rachel. The doctors told me that you're in agonizing pain, but that you're refusing medication...that you refused to accept skin grafts.
Harvey Dent: Remember that nickname that you gave me when I worked in Internal Affairs...what was that?
Gordon: Harvey...
Harvey Dent: Say it. [pause] Say it!
Commissioner Gordon: [reluctantly] "Two-Face". Harvey "Two-Face".
Harvey Dent: Why should I hide who I am? [reveals the burnt side of his face to an uncomfortable and guilty looking Gordon]
Gordon: I know you tried to warn me before. Wuertz picked you up. Do you know who picked up Rachel?
[Harvey merely ignores him]
Commissioner Gordon: Harvey, I need to know which of my men I can trust.
Harvey Dent: Why would you listen to me now?
Commissioner Gordon: I'm sorry, Harvey.
[The camera reveals the burnt side of Harvey's face for the first time]
Harvey Dent: No...no you're not. Not yet.
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