[In the holding tank at the police station, one of the Joker's henchman is complaining of stomach pains]
Henchman: Please, my insides hurt.
Cop #1: I don't really care. Back away.
Henchman: The boss said he'd make the voices go away. He said he'd go inside and replace 'em with bright lights...like Christmas!
Cop #1: You're outta your mind, pal. Back off.
[The henchman collapses onto the ground and starts having convulsions]
Cop #1: We need a medic in the holding tank. Come on, get the door open. [enters the holding tank and yells at the other inmates] You guys back off!
[The medic examines the henchman's belly, which has what appears to be a rectangle-shaped bruise with a wire attached]
Cop #2: What's that? Jeez.
Medic: He's got some kind of a...contusion.
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