Clown (gunman): That's a lot of money. If this Joker guy was so smart, he would've had us bring a bigger car. [points his gun at the Joker, who is still in disguise] I'm betting the Joker told you to kill me soon as we loaded the cash.
The Joker: [chuckles] No, no, no, no. I kill the bus driver. [slowly steps to his right]
Clown (gunman): [confused] Bus driver? [moves gun to the right] What bus driver?
[A school bus drives through the wall, killing the henchman. The clown-masked bus driver hops out]
Clown (bus driver): School's out, time to go. [begins helping the masked Joker load the cash] Cat's not getting up, is he?
[The bus driver begins to load the money into the school bus]
Clown (bus driver): That's a lot of money. [small pause] What happened to the rest of the guys?
[The masked Joker turns his back to the bus driver and walks forward, casually gunning him down behind him]
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