Daredevil quotes

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Elektra Natchios
Franklin Nelson
Matt Murdock/Daredevil
Wilson Fisk/the Kingpin

"This ain't your neighborhood no more! Kitchen belongs to the Kingpin, now!" ~ Thug

"This one's for you, Dad."

"To the justice system, right? Of course I beat it. Kingpin's got my back, bro." ~ Jose Quesada

"What do you want, Urich? Does all this make you happy? Looks like you got your story." ~ Detective Nick Manolis

"What happens to that lie-detector of yours when it detects your own bullshit? It must really bury the needle, huh?"

"When it rains, it's like there's a rooftop on the world. Each raindrop makes a sound the first time it falls on a surface. Just then, it's like I-I... it's like I can see again. And I-I just want to... I just want to see you."

"Wilson Fisk is in the HIZZY!"

"You don't know how I feel. I want revenge."

"You can do anything if you're not afraid." ~ Jack Murdock

"You don't hit nothin' but books, get me? You be a doctor or a lawyer. Not like me." ~ Jack Murdock

"You said to look out for anything weird, yes? Well, it's some pretty weird shit right here, man, right?" ~ Kirby, the forensic assistant

"You should know that the only reason I got dressed up for this thing was that I wanted to look beautiful for you. I wish you could see me tonight."

"You're good, baby, I'll give you that. But me? I'm magic."

(sat on a burning pool table) Quesada!... Time to give the Devil his due!

Ben Urich: Cool color. {commenting on Matt's cane)
Matt: I wouldn't know.