[A herd of tractors is heading towards the town.]
Ramone: Oh man, the paint's still wet!
[Red moves in front of the statue and blows his airhorn, causing some of the tractors to rear up on themselves, while others go elsewhere.]
Luigi: No no no no, get out of the store! Hey! Don't eat the radial! Here, take-a the snow tire.
[A tractor is seen behind Lightning chasing Fillmore and being chased by Sarge while Sheriff is trying to round up the tractors.]
Sheriff: Mater!
Tow Mater: I wasn't tractor tippin'!
Sheriff: Then where did all of these gull-dern tractors come from?!
Fillmore: Whoa! Whoa boy! Whoa!
Lightning McQueen: Hey, hey guys. There's one going this way. I got it.[goes off and follows the one tractor.]
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