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Cars: the Video Game
Chick Hicks
Darrell Cartrip
Doc Hudson
Lightning McQueen
Mater and the Ghostlight
Sally Carrera

(Upon meeting Sally) Holy Porsche....

1 winner, 42 losers. I eat losers for breakfast.

"The King" Strip Weathers So you like to win, do you?

Boost I got all the right mods, uh!

Chick Hicks Ka-chicka, Ka-chicka! WHOO! You rock! No, you rock!

Darrell Cartrip Alright, we can take 'em!

Doc Hudson This is gonna feel great. I'm ready!

Flo Mmm-hmm. Stop on by sometime, baby, for a nice can o'fuel!

Ramone Hey, you need a new paint job, hm?

Sally Carrera Need somewhere to stay? I got the perfect place.

Sheriff Delinquent hot-rodders, I'm comin' for you!

Spoiler warning: Plot, ending, or solution details follow. [Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson racing at Willy's Butte]
Doc Hudson: Well, you sure ain't no dirt-boy.
Lightning McQueen: Not today, old man. I know all your tricks.
[Doc suddenly swerves off the track.]
Lightning McQueen: [looking for Doc] Doc! Doc?
Doc Hudson: [flies over Lightning] YEEEHAAAAA! Not all my tricks, rookie!

Tow Mater Aw, your name's not Mater too, is it?

Wingo Ain't no-one got decals like these, y'know!

Boost: [upon spotting a sleepy Mack] Hey yo, DJ!
DJ: What up?
Boost: We got ourselves a nodder!