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Cars: the Video Game quotes

A video game-exclusive sequel to the movie of the same name. Fillmore: So, turn right to go left, right?
Lightning McQueen: Uh, yeah.
Fillmore: Whoa. Deep.
Doc Hudson: You still remember how to handle yourself on dirt?
Lightning McQueen: Yeah yeah, right to go left. And this time, I'm not going into the cactus, old timer.
Lightning McQueen: Hey! This isn't how the story goes!
Tow Mater: I won! I won! W-U-N won!
Doc Hudson: You race like you run your mouth, you'd have that Piston Cup already!
Fletcher: Now, why gold, my dear boy?
El Guapo: This is all about the winning. You cannot take first place if you do not look the part.
Fletcher: Oh? And what makes you think you can best us in the next competition?
El Guapo: Easy. I see you have silver on your rims.
Lightning McQueen: He's got a point there.
Vince: You think you's the best racecar around. Well, if you want ta be the best, first you gotta beat the best.
Lightning McQueen: I take it that would be you's guys?
Vince: What, you don't believe us? You don't believe me, I will t'row down wit' you right here, right now!
Barry: Yeah! Throw down! Down to the ground! On the road! [Vince slaps Barry]
Mia: Oh my gosh! There he is!
Tia: It's totally him!
Mia: Hi Lightning!
Tia: Remember us?
Lightning McQueen: Of course, are you kidding? Who could forget... Yeah, you look familiar. Yeah.
Mia & Tia: He remembers us!
Tow Mater: [staring right at the camera] Hey, what's that red light flashin' in there for?
Darrell Cartrip: Uh dude, it means you're on live on camera.
Tow Mater: I'm on the TV? WHOO-HOO! I gotta call the relatives!
[Deleted scene]
Lightning McQueen: [returning after jumping over a huge billboard sign] Well? What'd you think?
Ramone: That was, yeah, that was a pretty cool jump.
Lightning McQueen: A jump? That wasn't a jump! Didn't you see me? I flew!
Ramone: Looked like a jump to me.
Lightning McQueen: What are you talking about? When I took off, those two birds in that tree, I heard them. One said "Look, it's a flying car!"
Ramone: Uh...bird's can't talk.
Lightning McQueen: Yeah, but if they could, they would say...look, I can fly. [Sally passes by and eyes him]
[McQueen just beat Chick in a road race]
Lightning McQueen: Yeah, I forgot to tell you Chick. The roads around here aren't like the tracks you and I are used to. They got these things called "right turns".
Chick Hicks: Right turns - who cares? Wasn't a real race anyway. Nobody saw it. You know, if a tree falls in a forest and there's nobody around to be seen, does anybody see it? I mean, hear it?
[Character Select quotes in Arcade Mode and VS. Mode] Lightning McQueen Have you ever heard the word "perfection"? That's me! Yeah, me, Lightning McQueen.

Yeah, showtime!

C'mon, I'm ready for anything. Bring it on!

Yeah, I am Speed!

I'm faster than fast, I'm quicker than quick, I'm Lightning!

Tow Mater Aw, your name's not Mater too, is it?

I'm the world's best backwards driver!

Whoda' thunk speed and good looks all in one lastin' package!

[tries to whistle unsuccessfully] Well, y'know I used to be a pretty good whistler.

Hey, I'm your truck!

Sally Carrera Need somewhere to stay? I got the perfect place.

Don't you just love this town?

I don't live in the fast lane anymore, but I guess we can visit.

Doc Hudson This is gonna feel great. I'm ready!

So, you wanna learn how to race, huh?

Yep, the great Hudson Hornet. Those were the good old days.

It's time.

So, you ready to blow out a little carbon?

Ramone Hey, you need a new paint job, hm?

Hey, we should go crusin'!

Hey, Ramone's is where it's at, my friend! Heh heh.

Flo Mmm-hmm. Stop on by sometime, baby, for a nice can o'fuel!

Yeah c'mon, feast your eyes on this!

Finest fuel on the mother road!

Sheriff Delinquent hot-rodders, I'm comin' for you!

No-one gets away with nothin' in my town!

[police siren blaring] I'm on it!

Chick Hicks Ka-chicka, Ka-chicka! WHOO! You rock! No, you rock!

Welcome to the Chick Era!

Good choice No.86. Ka-chicka, Ka-chicka!

Oh yeah, you wanna hang with a real winner, huh? Good choice.

Second place is just the first loser.

Wingo Ain't no-one got decals like these, y'know!

G-ed up from the wheels up!

Yeah, it cost a lot, but I look good, right?

I'll do you right!

Darrell Cartrip Alright, we can take 'em!

C'mon, let's get in there!

"The King" Strip Weathers So you like to win, do you?

Alright, you're showing some smarts there.

PSP Version DJ All me, baby!

S'up man?

mm, mm, [clicks tongue] Mm. Mm, Mm, [clicks tongue] Mm!

Boost I got all the right mods, uh!

Modified to win, baby!

Chillin' like a villian!

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