Judge Smails: I demand satisfaction!
Czervik: Oh, you want satisfaction? I'll tell you what's real satisfying...cash! I'll shoot you 18 holes for $10,000.
Judge Smails: [laughs] Why, I could beat you with one arm.
Czervik: How about teams for $20,000? You can have "Dr. Frankenputz."
Dr. Beeper: I beg your pardon!
Czervik: And I'll take Ty.
Ty: Hey, fellows. Don't include me. I don't have time.
Czervik: Come on, Ty, you're an ace. Everybody knows it.
Ty: I don't play golf, for money, against people.
Czervik: What are you, religious or something?
Ty: You might say that.
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