Skip: Ebby?! [Ebby and Millie are half dressed in the locker room. Millie ducks behind a locker.] Jesus. Game starts in four minutes! Why ain't you warm?!
Ebby: I am warm.
Skip: I'm fining you a hundred dollars. Jesus, Ebby, this is your professional debut tonight -- you know how many guys out there'd give blood to be in your shoes an' you're leavin' your fastball in the locker room for some piece of ass!
Millie: Skip, It's me! I'm not some quote piece of ass unquote.
Skip: Oh, Millie, jeez, sorry -- I didn't recognize ya. Don't take it personal but if I catch you in here again you're banned from the ballpark.
Millie: You can't ban me from the ballpark 'cause Daddy donated the scoreboard and if you banned me he might take the scoreboard away.
Skip: Whatta we need a scoreboard for? We haven't scored any runs all year. [to Ebby] Get your ass out there.
Ebby: Hey Boss, I got a question.
Skip: [exasperated] What?!
Ebby: You think I need a nickname? I think I need a nickname. The great ones have nicknames -- somethin' like Oil Can or Catfish...[to Millie] What was the one you suggested?
Millie: "Pokey"
Ebby: Yeah, what do you think of "Pokey"?
Skip: [stares for a second] Ya got three minutes! [storms out]
Ebby: Got time for another quickie?
Millie: Jesus, you got a game to pitch!
Ebby: But we got three minutes.
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