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Breaking Away

Breaking Away quotes

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Raymond Stoller

Dave: Everybody cheats. I just didn't know.

I don't care if the second coming's coming!

No, I don't feel lucky to be alive! I feel lucky I'm not dead. There's a difference.

I didn't want you to be this miserable. A little bit's all I asked for.

I was proud of my work. And the buildings went up. When they were finished the damnedest thing happened. It was like the buildings were too good for us. Nobody told us that. It just felt uncomfortable, that's all.

I had a dream last night that everyone I ever sold a car to came back and there you were, handing them back their money!

Refund? Refund?

I sure miss playing basketball. I got depressed as hell when my athlete's foot and jock itch went away.

I was sure I was going to get that scholarship. My dad of course was sure I wasn't. When I didn't, he was real understanding, you know. He loves to do that. He loves to be understanding when I fail.

You know what I'd like to be? A cartoon of some kind. You know, like when they get hit in the head with a frying pan or something, and their head looks like the frying pan, with the handle and everything? They they just go booiing [shakes head] - and their head comes back to normal? Wouldn't that be great?

Mike: They're gonna keep callin' us "cutters." To them, it's just a dirty word. To me, it's just somethin' else I never got a chance to be.

Evelyn Stoller: [Dave crosses himself on learning of Team Cinzano's imminent arrival] Oh, Dave, try not to become Catholic on us.

Suzy: [On the phone] Oh, Hi Rod. I just wanted you to know that there's some guy outside with a guitar serenading Kath!

Cyril: Hey! Are you really gonna shave your legs?
Dave: Certo! All the Italians do it.
Mike: Ah. Some country. The women don't shave theirs.

Moocher: Hey, come on in, Dave.
Dave: Nah, I read where this Italian coach said its no good to go swimmin' right after a race.
Mike: Who's swimmin'? I'm takin' a leak.