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Argyle Wallace
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Robert the Bruce

Hamish: Where are you going?
William Wallace: I'm going to pick a fight.
Hamish: Well, looks like we didn't get dressed up for nothing.

Longshanks: Scottish rebels have routed one of my garrisons and murdered the noble lord.
Prince Edward: I heard. This Wallace is a brigand, nothing more.
Longshanks: And how would you deal with this 'brigand?'
Prince Edward: Like any common thief. Have the local magistrate arrest him and punish him accordingly.
Longshanks: [to the others] Leave us. [strikes the Prince] Wallace has already killed the magistrate, and taken control of the town!

The problem with Scotland, is that it is full of Scots.

[voiceover] After the beheading, William Wallace's body was torn to pieces. His head was set on London bridge. His arms and legs, sent to the four corners of Britain as warning. It did not have the effect that Longshanks planned. And I, Robert the Bruce, rode out to pay homage to the armies of the English King, and accept his endorsement of my crown.

William: You dropped your rock.
Hamish: Test of manhood.
William: You win.
Hamish: Call it a test of soldiery, then. The English won't let us train with weapons, so we train with stones.
William: Well, a test of a soldier is not in his arm, it's here [points to his head].
Hamish: No, it's here [points to his fist, then punches William]

Hamish: I should have remembered the rocks.

Malcolm Wallace: Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it.

Craig: An oath to a liar is no oath at all.

The Almighty tells me he can get me out of this mess, but he's pretty sure you're ****ed.

Nicolette: [to Isabelle, in French] I hope your husband goes to Scotland and meets Wallace and then you'll be a widow.

[after killing a would-be assassin] Sure didn't the Almighty send me to watch your back? I didn't like him anyway. He wasn't right in the head.

Prince Edward: You brought back the money, of course.
Isabelle: No, I gave it to ease the suffering of the children of this war.
Longshanks: Ha! That's what happens when you send a woman.
Isabelle: Forgive me, sire. I thought that generosity might demonstrate your greatness to those you mean to rule.
Longshanks: My greatness will be better demonstrated when Wallace returns to Scotland and finds his country in ashes.

Campbell: [to Hamish] I've lived long enough to live free; proud to see you become the man you are. I'm a happy man.

Nicolette: L'Ecosse est à feu et à sang. Votre mari se pr?pare en cachette à envoyer une arm?e dans le Nord. (Scotland is in chaos. Your husband is secretly sending an army north)
Isabelle: Comment tu le sais? (How do you know this?)
Nicolette: La nuit dernière j'ai couch? avec quelqu'un du conseil de guerre. (Last night I slept with a member of the War Council)
Isabelle: Mais il n'?tait pas sens? te faire de confidences sur l'oreiller. (He shouldn't be telling secrets in bed)
Nicolette: Et oui. Les anglais ne savent pas à quoi sert une langue. (Ah, yes. Englishmen don't know what a tongue is for)
Isabella: Ah. Cet Ecossais r?volt?, ce Wallace. Il se bat pour venger une femme? (Ah. This Scottish rebel, Wallace. He fights to avenge a woman?)
Nicolette: Ah j'oubliais. Un magistrat qui voulais le capturer d?couvrit qu'il avait un amour secret. Il ?gorgea la fille afin de pousser Wallace à la r?volte. Wallace se r?volta. Ses ennemies reconnurent sa passion pour son amour perdu. Ils organiserent de saisir Wallace en profanant les s?pultures et de son père et de son frère, et ensuite en s'embusquant à la tombe de sa femme. Mais il s'en ai sorti en guerroyant l'arme au poing. Et cacha le cadavre de sa bien-aim? dans un endroit secret. Ça c'est l'amour non? (I nearly forgot. A magistrate wished to capture him, and found he had a secret lover. So he cut the girl's throat to tempt Wallace to fight, and fight he did. Knowing his passion for his lost love, they next plotted to take him by desecrating the graves of his father and brother, and setting an ambush at the grave of his love. He fought his way through the trap and carried her body to a secret place. Now that's love, no?)
Isabella: De l'amour? J'en sais rien. (Love? I wouldn't know)

Princess Isabelle: The king will be dead in a month and his son is a weakling. Who do you think is going to rule this kingdom?